Creative Direction

Charles Blunier & Co. is a design collective specializing in visual content, enhancing the look and feel of your brand identity.
We stand for powerful art and consistent communication. We offer strong and integrated visual concepts, high-end design and stimulating visual storytelling.
We produce creative results worldwide. Thanks to our carefully selected but yet big network of highly talented people. A reliable team of 27 professionals coming from all over the globe, but all with great taste.
Charles BlunierFounder & Creative Direction

Our founder, Charles Blunier, made a name for himself as one of Switzerland’s finest Art & Creative Directors, working for 15 years at top design and ad agencies, before launching Charles Blunier & Co. in 2011. During his career, he has been honored with more than 120 awards in New York, London and Paris for his work.

Yves KellenbergerDesign & Photo Direction
Silvio DemuthSenior Design Director
Roman LimacherMedia Operation
Romy StrasserArt & Design Director
Simon TellenbachManaging Director
Natalie SidlerStudio Manager & Finance
Barbara KallenbergPR & Communication
Ricardo FerrolArt Direction
Marc HuerlimannBrand Experience
Chanel Kah Yin LiangLead Digital Visual Communication